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In June 2015, national and local leaders joined United Way's Home For Good in kicking off Homes For Heroes, an effort to identify 1,000 landlords to house veterans in need. As shared by Jim Perley a property owner with Western America Properties, “landlords are literally the last leg on the way home for our Veterans.” This has never been so true as today when over 500 Veterans with vouchers-in-hand, that provide both rental subsidy and supportive services, have no place to go at night. Significant resources have been invested in L.A. towards the goal of ending Veteran homelessness in 2015 and providers are working together to efficiently identify Veterans and their needs, but the critical link to housing through landlords and housing developers is what will get us over the finish line.

The Problem: Los Angeles County is home to 4,618 homeless Veterans. The good news is that there are now enough rental subsidies and supportive services to house all of LA's homeless Veterans by the end of 2015. All that is missing are landlords willing to rent to them.

The Solution: Homes For Heroes. Landlords rent vacant units to a homeless Veteran and receive fair market rent and the support of a network of services providers.

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Are you a landlord, interested in renting vacant units to a Veteran? Do so here: SIGN UP UNITS!

Don't own units? Here's what you can do:



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