Apartment Association, California Southern Cities Political Action Committee [AACSC-PAC]

The of purpose of AACSC-PAC is to finance political efforts supporting California legislative and constitutional officeholders and candidates (but not Federal officeholders, candidates or committees) that benefit the public by improving and protecting Apartment Owners for all the people of California.

What Is a P.A.C.?

A P.A.C. (political action committee) is a group of like-minded individuals who come together to achieve political goals.  Simply put, P.A.C.s raise money to help elect or defeat candidates running for political office.  At the Association, we have our own P.A.C. – Investment Property Owners Political Action Committee (I.P.P.A.C.).

Actions by the city, county and state officials can result in laws that limit your ability to operate your rental housing business, challenge your private property rights and diminish your ability to provide housing for your community.

P.A.C. money is also used to defeat issues that affect your business.  For example: rent control, property tax increases and split roll taxes.  Nearly half of all apartment units in California are subject to local ordinances controlling rents.


Will Your Units Be Next on the Rent Control Hit List?

What Can I Do?

Contribute generously to AACSC-PAC

We must elect (or reelect) candidates who understand the importance of private property rights, a free market economy and elimination of government interference in our rental housing business.  We must be able to stop emerging adverse ordinances from becoming law.

But, California elections are expensive and many cities will elect new officials each election cycle.  We need your help.  Please dig deep and give as much as you can afford.  Isn’t at least $49 bargain price to protect your investments?

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