It Sure Is Scary!


It seems like each year I find out an increasing number of people are Halloween lovers—fanatics even—and the holiday seems to be gaining in popularity all around due to the love people have of graphic shows like Game of Thrones, or their general comfort in becoming more festive, dressing up weird or creepy, and turning their decor toward the dark. People seem to be coming out of the woodwork (pun totally intended) each season to outdo themselves and others in dark, creep-o, or weirdo. And, no—I am not describing some of the bills and propositions circulating in Sacramento each year. (Although I do admit that sometimes there are not many things scarier!) Just making an observation about Halloween is all.

So, in this month’s issue, it seems appropriate to give some safety advice and fun facts I’ve gathered from different sources in time for the holiday.

Fun Facts:

  • Jack-O-Lanterns were first made from turnips.
  • Halloween is more Irish than … St. Patrick’s Day? (What?) Its origins come from a Celtic festival for the dead called “Samhain.” Celts believed the ghosts of the dead roamed Earth on this holiday, so people would dress in costumes and leave “treats” out on their front doors to appease the roaming spirits.
    As it evolved, people then had to dance for their treats.
  • In Alabama it’s illegal to dress up as a priest, nun or rabbi, and—get this—in California it’s illegal to use silly string! Really? (Pay no attention no the weirdo comment above!)

Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treaters:

  • Stay in large groups with a responsible adult (let this carry through to November when you step into voting booths, too).
  • Have flashlights, glow sticks or other lights / reflectors incorporated with costumes so each person can be easily seen.
  • Examine everything carefully before ingesting it (let this also carry through to November in the voting booths before you swallow a bill or proposition before thoroughly inspecting it).
  • Warn all candy-givers, friends and neighbors about the dangers of allowing Prop 10 to pass, and Vote NO!

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