Breath of Fresh Air Class


Give Yourself a Breathe of Fresh Air

Burning Issues Surrounding:

  • Cigarettes, E-Cigs, Vapes, BBQs, Carbon Monoxide and Detectors
  • Smoke Detector Policies and Prop 65 Compliance
  • Rules on Bar-B-Que Grills, Gas or Electric

Friday, August 24, 2018

10:00am to 12:00 noon

Instructor: Patti "Widget" from Fast Eviction Services

Don't let these burning issues go up in smoke!

Cost: $59 Member / $69 Non-Member


Management Skills Series


Management Skills Series

10:30am to 12:30pm

Members: $39 per seminar ($110 for all 3)

The Management Skills Series is a complement to the A "Wave" of Information seminar. Whereas the latter focused on a broad selection of AACSC's rental forms, covering their contents and uses, the Management Skills Series delves deeper into these forms as they pertain to the unique, and not so unique, experiences of landlords and managers in the course of a tenancy. These seminars are comprised of three modules targeting the various stages of a tenancy:

  • Tenant Screening
  • Contracts and Tenancies
  • Terminations and Post-Tenancy

Tenant Screening: Friday, August 10th

  • Screening Policies (marketing and leasing)
  • Fair Housing (marketing and leasing, part1)
  • Decision-Making (establishing and applying rental criteria) rent to income ratio
  • Establishing Tenancies (co-signors and commencing contracts)
Rental Agreements and Tenancies: Friday September 14th
  • Fair Housing (rental agreements, part 2)
  • Rental Policies (Covering various covenants and thir pros and cons)
  • Policy changes (raising rents, changing terms of tenancy)
  • Addressing violations of rental agreement (part 1)
Terminations and Post-Tenancy: Friday, October 12th
  • Addressing violations of rental agreement (part 2)
  • Finalizing rental agreement terminations
  • Various types of agreement terminations and abandonments
  • Post-tenancy (Additional topics)

PRESENTERS: Oliver John Baptiste, AACSC Membership Counselor-Education Coordinator,
Vicki Abe, Atlantis Pacific Ventures, Inc.

    Where: AACSC Education Center, 333 W. Broadway, Suite 101, Long Beach, CA 90802


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