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by Lynn N. Dover, Esq. and Susan J. Lein, Esq.
Fair Housing complaints and ADA lawsuits are on the rise in California....
by Matthew Lyons
Not long ago a 161-unit apartment complex in Long Beach took a few simple...

Duringer-Legal Corner

by Stephen C. Duringer
Q: My problem is not with my tenants, but with the tenants in an eight-unit apartment building down the...

President's Message

by Clive Graham
In April we celebrate the 46th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act—a powerful law that fights housing discrimination and opens doors for people with disabilities across the U.S. As an industry, we are ...

Washington Update

by Greg Brown
It has been a mixed month in the never ending quest to find consensus in Washington, D.C. During his recent State of the Union Address, the President set...

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