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We are working to answer all your questions on PRHIP as fast as The City of...
AACSC EDUCATION DAY September 23, 2015 Discounted Seminars and...

Duringer-Legal Corner

by Stephen C. Duringer, Esq.
“Tenants are required to provide access to the landlord for certain limited purposes …” Q: I have the misfortune of a classic problem tenant. The noise, the parties, and the trash - I don’t know...

President's Message

by Paul Bonner, CAM CAMT
“As owners and operators of rental housing, we have a duty to provide our tenants with safe and well-maintained homes …” In keeping with this year’s theme “Educate and Prosper”, our annual...

Washington Update

by Greg Brown
The “summer of Trump” has come to a close, so now we will see whether or not “the Donald” can continue his dominance of the GOP presidential field into the...

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