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The AACSC offices will be closed from Wednesday, November 25th through...
The deadline for PRHIP applications is December 31st, 2015.   Click...

Duringer-Legal Corner

by Stephen C. Duringer, Esq.
Question: I have a vacancy that I need to fill. I’ve run a few ads and have collected several applications. I know the basics of qualifying a tenant, but one of the applicants said that since he was the...

President's Message

by Paul Bonner, CAM CAMT
My, what a whirlwind first year I’ve had as your president. Constant legislative action at the federal, state, and local levels made the days and weeks fly by with no time to be bored. Speaking of local...

Washington Update

by Greg Brown
Apartment Industry Colleagues, All of us at one time or another had a job that was, let’s say, less than fulfilling and that we dreamed of quitting. Hand-in-hand with that of...

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